Thursday, August 1, 2013

Invention Convention: Imagining the Future!

Welcome to a new segment of blog posts called "Invention Convention!"  These posts, taken from our previous President Electric exhibition, will explore different patents and inventions created during the ever-changing times of President Wilson.

When you think about the future do you think about bettering the technology of today, or building new technology? Do you imagine a society that looks like our own, or one that is unrecognizable? Humans have always imagined what the future will be like. Even today we have movies and books that allow us looks into a fictional future. Books such as 1984 and The Hunger Games give us an unpleasant portrayal, while movies/television series such as Star Trek and 2001: A Space Odyssey show us a fun, action-filled future. All these portrayals take modern technology to a new level to create their fictional futuristic world.

People in the past liked to imaging the future too, and they tended to expand on new, cutting edge technology to make their future ideas. In 1922 this new technology was the radio. The picture below is an illustration done in 1922 of what the future might look like. Notice that almost everything involves some sort of radio technology.

This vision of the future is supposed to be 1972. As we know, the world still doesn’t look like this in 2013. We do have other things to replace some of the inventions in this picture. For example, instead of having a radiophone that shows us images of who we are talking to, we have computers with applications such as Skype or iChat or Google+. Because the computer had not yet been invented, the people of 1922 had no context to imagine the technology that would come from it.

Even though they didn’t have all the amazing technology we have today, there were many new and useful inventions available.  Stay tuned for upcoming posts to learn all about these inventions!

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