Friday, December 6, 2013

Holidays through History!

The holidays are in full stride at the Woodrow Wilson House, with the addition of a fully decorated tree in the solarium. The formal dining room table is set for Christmas dessert, with ribbon candies, fruit and nuts, and chocolate treats.

The tree, decorated in 1920s fashion, is decorated in the Solarium.  You will notice right away that this tree does not look like your tree at home.  One reason for this is that ornaments were a collected item, so every year a new ornament would be purchased rather than buying an entire matching set.  This made for a mix of styles, colors and themes appearing on the tree. The little colored glass bulbs we use to light our trees today were not common until after WWII, but President Wilson's tree was one of the few with electric lights in his time. A sight to see!

Curious about how the holidays were celebrated in the early 20th century? Celebrate the winter season by visiting four of Washington’s beautiful historic homes, Anderson House, Dumbarton House, Tudor Place and the President Woodrow Wilson House, with our Holidays Through History event.  More information is available on our website,

Come see the tree in person, and make a holiday craft to take home or place on our tree while you are here!

-Ashley Rits

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