Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wrapping Gifts, 1920s Style

Wrapping paper often goes unnoticed, as we are more excited to open the gift itself.  In the 1920s, the methods and style of wrapping a present were much different than what we see today.

The first thing is cellophane tape was not used.  How could they keep the presents safe from peeking eyes? They used stickers, known as “seals”.  These seals would not only keep the package closed, but it also provided a festive decoration.

Next, the paper used to wrap the gifts was not covered in cartoons or classic Christmas scenes.  Paper was usually a solid color, and it would not be uncommon for brown paper to be used.  Sometimes this paper would be decorated by the gift giver to further personalize it.  Embellishment did not stop there!
Once the present was wrapped, it was time to add the ribbon.  In the 1920s the curling ribbon that we think of today was not yet invented. In its place plain twine would be used and a bow tied on top.

Brown paper, twine and a few stickers were just the basic wrapping style.  Often, flowers and greenery would be added under the twine to make it more personal.  These additions tended to be unique to the preferences of the recipient.  If you were really feeling creative, you could use carbon paper to trace holiday scenes!

Imagine seeing someone rip open a present you may have spent an hour wrapping! Do you have a gift wrapping tradition? Share it with us in the comments below!

-Ashley Rits


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